3 Brilliant Way To Protect Your Brand New iPhone X

Brilliant Way To Protect Your Brand New iPhone X

3 Brilliant Way To Protect Your Brand New iPhone X :- “Hey, look I just bought a dream for me and I am holding it for real, it’s my new Apple iPhone X. Ohh Shit!!!!! I what the hell has happened, it slipped from my hand and now I am ruined because the replacement will cost me around Rs 20,000.”

It is really heartbreaking when the screen of your mobile cracks or is damaged. It hurts all the more when it’s not an ordinary phone but a very expensive one as the new Apple iPhone X. To some, it may even cost a fortune. The cost of this beauty is around Rs 1,00,000 making it very costly. But to get far off from this “should never happen” disaster here are some ways to make sure your device is safe.

iPhone x
iPhone x

Way To Protect Your Brand New iPhone X

iPhone followers knew about something very influential is going to happen on the 10th-anniversary edition of Apple. The launching of the all-new device with all new features and a beautiful phone with bezel-less, edge-to-edge display is just awesome. This phone has a brilliant dual-lens camera under the hood and has stunning built quality. The device comes with glass panels on both the back and the front side of it. This thing makes it very fragile and prone to accidents which can happen with just a simple slip. So, to be safe from these simple and easy to occur accidents there are many ways.

Paying such a big amount of Rs 20,000 to replace the back panel of the device is nearly insane. It is better to spend few thousands on the protection of the device so expensive. There are many ways in which you can protect your device from any kind of damage. Be it the screen or the whole body, protection can be done in various ways. Let’s check out some of the ways of doing it.

Get a Cover for your device

iphone x mobile cover

The first thing on your mind after buying the device should be getting a cover for your phone. But buying a cover for the iPhone X and covering the fabulous looks is not at all pleasing. But, if you drop the phone without it then it will be very costly for you.

Buy an extra durable cover for covering it from all the damages it can get. Urban Armor Gear is the best buy for you as it is a tested protect. It will give the phone a military standard protection with just a price of Rs 3,990. This looks costly but it is nowhere near the replacement cost. Slimmer and sleek covers are also available in the market you can opt for them. Caudabe can be one of your choices as wireless charging can also be done with the cover on. It will cost around $24.95.

Screen Protector

iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Applying screen protection on both the side of the device can also be a good deal. In this the aesthetics of the device will not be hidden and the device will be functioning at its best. Tempered Glass is the best buy for people looking forward to this protection. The Tempered Glass does not allow the original screen to break by absorbing all the shock in itself. This protection is perfect for those who have clumsy hands or lose grip and drop their phones quite often.

Buy and Insurance

After buying such a costly phone one can consider about doing insurance of the phone. If you want to flaunt away all the beautiful design the iPhone X bears without any extra cover, then go for this one. You can go with any third-party insurance but it will be very reasonable to go with the maker. Apple Care+ Policy offers a two-year protection in $199 (13000) of the device which includes accidental damages. But, you will have to pay a price of $29 (Rs 1899) extra for screen repair. Apple is charging quite a hefty amount for the Insurance policy, but the device will be fully protected with no extra gadgets.

No matter what the price may be of the insurance policy but it is far less than the price charged for repairing it. Insurance or any other deal is any day better than the repairing cost.