2016’s Mag Cover War With a Big Bang Kareena Deepika Priyanka Chopra


Every year at the end there are various kinds of competitions which state who topped the year in a particular activity. One of such activities or competition which we can say is prevalent to be ranked is the Magazine cover competition. Various celebrated people appear on the covers of distinct magazines giving them a boom on the sales. Even though the saying is prevalent that don’t judge a book by its cover still many buy the magazines due to its covers only. The celebrated people appear in the magazine and add a value to the same.


There have been marvelous looks represented by Deepika Padukone to Ranveer Singh on their respective covers. Every prominent magazine has proved to get the cover page of their magazine notable by the dazzling appearances of the stars in a stunning way. Every month these magazines are released and in the month of December there have been some celebrated stars who have given a whole new level to the covers.

Being the end of the year a lot of magazines have tried to put lots of efforts in order to end the year with a bang. There is nothing better than ending the year with everyone talking about the particular magazine.


Starting with the Begum itself, Kareena Kapoor Khan itself flaunted her baby bump for the cover of the magazine Grazia. This became an instant hit for the sole reason of her pregnancy and the way she flaunted in the sexiest way possible. The way she portrayed her pregnancy made women think that even pregnancy can look so sexy rendering one speechless.


Katrina Kaif’s Harper Bazaar Bride magazine cover portrays her as a sexy Bride on the beach. As always she has looked stunning in the attire and the slit running high with her hands stretched wide is a total winner.

Alia Bhatt got the cool quotient back in style, with her charming smile and cool beans along with the hoodie show off the chilled out attire on the cover page of the Filmfare Magazine. Not only this she was also present on the cover of FEMINA magazine looking like a mature beauty, with dark lips and those looks, she proved to look sexy and elegant at the same time.



As we speak of hot and cool at the same time we cannot go without considering Deepika Padukone’s Gaze on the Hello! Magazine cover. She looks dangerously beautiful.

On the cover of Traveller mag Aditi Rao Hydari was in a swimsuit posing for the same. The cute actor looks sizzling hot in the red and white stripes swimsuit.


While counting these we cannot miss the cover of GQ mag where Anushka Sharma appeared in a beautiful gown looks mesmerizing.

Even though the female dominated the last December mag covers but we have to consider Ranveer Singh on the Man’s World magazine cover. The actor looked absolutely dashing with his beard and those looks to die for.

Therefore, these were the celebrities and the magazines which completed their year with a bang.