Avin Accept Dayaben Challenged! Naamkaran 17th November 2016 Episode Written Update

Naamkaran Avni Dayaben
Naamkaran Avni Dayaben

We are back with another hit serial Naamkaran. Here we’ll be talking about the 17th November 2016 episode of the serial. But before we move ahead let us have a quick look at the last episode.

We saw last night that Avni is very happy looking at the media people, and the award function’s event venue, but she soon noticed stress on Asha’s face. By the time Avni sign Asha to step in, Neela enters and says to Avni that she wants to take her inside. She further says that she likes her eyes and feels as if something holds her and makes Neela feel attracted and approach her.

She further thanks her for saving her life and says that she owes this. After a bit of conversation, Avni introduces her mom Asha to her, upon which Neela compliments by saying ‘You are a lucky mom’. To this Asha replies with a no, followed by Neela asking her, if they’ve met before. To this Asha again replies with a no.

Soon the program starts and Avni appreciates Neela’s beauty by sharing this with her mom. Asha doesn’t reply to this and asks her to sit. Neela soon starts calling kids in order to award them for their bravery. After a while she sings ‘TeraMujhehaipehlekanaata koi..’ and calls Avni on stage. She introduces her to people by saying that she is alive because of Avni.

While the entire last pretty end, with Ashish stopping Ashudi and saying that one day he’ll become the right person and will gain their love.

Now getting back to our 17th November 2016 episode of Namkaran, today Avni will start the episode sharing that she has challenged Dayaben that one day she’ll earn a lot of fame, and make everyone proud. However, she’ll further show her confused condition as she has no idea about the way she’ll be doing this. As soon as she stops, the screen will feature someone. Undoubtedly the same person will pave the boulevard for her.

Keep watching the serial to know the person and keep visiting our website for more updates about the serial Naamkaran.