11 Things Which Everyone Does On Facebook And Should Stop Doing


Facebook has been the teen addiction nowadays. No actually not just teen but of all age people’s addiction. You will see all age, countries and religion’s people there. Ah ! At least we got one place where we don’t have a caste or some criteria. Lol! Jokes apart, there are some basic things which people does on facebook just to look cool and they need to change it *immediately*! Wanna know what are they? Scroll it down.


Changing facebook dp’s in black dots or in some filter to support as the action speaks louder than words. Isn’t it?


After changing your display picture, asking everyone to like it individually.


And if it doesn’t work out, then plan B, tagging your all facebook friends in your dp just to get some likes. Irritating? Isn’t it?


Making pouts and caption it- “cuz this is mah attitude.” I mean, seriously ?


And the worst part is that even boys have started making pouts nowadays. :/


Before eating, taking a snap of it and upload it on instagram.


Making your personal life totally social. For eg, telling your each and every activity via status.


Sending each and every random person a friend request and proposing her for a relationship. Lol


Showing your luxurious car, iPhone and expensive things on facebook just for showing how rich you are.


Making a fake account named as SONAM GUPTA or ANGEL PRIYA and sending requests to each and everyone you see.


Last but not the least, misusing it for harming someone else. Please don’t.

So here are the some things which people does on facebook and should stop doing it right now. What do you think? How many things you did from the list? Did we miss anything which you remember ? If yes, please do share.