10 Things Which Tells You That You Are A Mature Woman


Are you a girl or a girly girl? Thinking if I’m writing bullshit ? Well i’m certainly not. There are two types of girl. One a mature girl and second a girlish girl.  Wanna know more? Let’s know some signs which will tell you that you aren’t a girly girl at all.


  1. You aren’t a pink color fan. You see many more colors other than the PINK.



  1. You don’t look in mirrors ten or more than ten times before going out.



  1. You can eat fearlessly in front of any random guy staring at you with an attitude that I DON’T CARE.



  1. You have no shame in eating roadside food without caring much about hygiene, etiquettes and class.



  1. You can bargain everywhere and anywhere and have no shame in it accepting the fact that it’s our birthright.



  1. You don’t scream out loud when you hear the word SALE or 50% DISCOUNT. you don’t? Right?



  1. You don’t carry a comb with you as you don’t care how you are looking as you aren’t giving much focus to it.



  1. You don’t get offended if your friends are calling you bitch or is insulting you publicly. Instead, you will insult them back.



  1. You have no ego problem in proposing a guy first as for you, all what matters is love.



  1. You can go out without wearing a thick layer of make up confidently as you hardly care about it.


Matched it with you? How girly you are? Please do share.